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Official Art

GGX Artworks 2000-2007

Scans provided by Rallamajoop and Caeli

All new illustrations, 2400x3500, by Rallamajoop and Caeli, 42.5Mb

GGX Artworks 2000-2004

Scans provided by Windborn One

All pages (1-114), 2200x3000, by Windborn One, 185.0Mb

GGX Drafting Artworks

Scans provided by Teyah

Covers and Contents, 2400x3000, by Teyah, 17.8Mb
Chapter 1, 2400x3000, by Teyah, 107Mb
Chapter 2, 2400x3000, by Teyah, 49.4Mb
Chapter 3, 2400x3000, by Teyah, 68.3Mb
Chapter 4, 2400x3000, by Teyah, 43.4Mb

GG Cards Scans

Scans provided by Teyah

GG Card Scans, 560x800, by Teyah, 10.7Mb

GG Complete Bible Scans

Scans provided by zer0kage

Profiles, 12 pages, 1600x800, by zer0kage, 19Mb
Character Art, 24 pages, 1600x1200, by zer0kage, 19.6Mb
GG Storyline and stuff, 10 pages, 1600x1200, by zer0kage, 8.5Mb

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