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Guilty Gear Accent Core

Guilty Gear Accent Core strikes japanese arcades on 20th of December.

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
8 December 2006, 0212 (GMT +3).

MFA 2006 vids

I re-upped MFA2006 GGXXS vids. Top-4 matches from 1v1 and 3v3 tourneys. Enjoy.

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
25 November 2006, 1525 (GMT +3).

Time passes

We've turned three last weekend. Much has changed since the site foundation, and now we don't update as often as in very beginning, but... We stay online nevertheless, and still we are providing you with new and often exclusive releases. Just before I skip to current update I'd like to thank everybody who stayed with us all this years, all those who contributed to the site by sending art and news, those who sent feedback and simply to those who visited us, ensuring our efforts won't be in vain. Thank you all!

And without further ado:
- two GGI custom backgrounds from Aegis High
- two more FLAC-quality tracks from GG Original OST
- and the HIT itself - complete hi-res scanlation of Guilty Gear X Drafting Artworks - possibly the best GG book ever! Scans courtesy to Teyah, who once again provided us with top-quality release.

By the way, there are some rearrangements in our Gallery - Scans are now grouped with Sprites, and official Wallpapers are grouped with Backgrounds (they're of about the same size after all :)
And soon Drafting Artworks scans will be joined by GG Complete Illustrations scans, done in the best quality ever specially for project. Stay tuned!

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
23 November 2006, 0033 (GMT +3).

Another piece of art

- Yet another superb wallpaper submitted by Nekich
- another fine Sol fanart from Kitten-555
- Few Accent Core shots added to release info :=)
- As usual, two new tracks from GG OST in Downloads section
Still working on new Gallery layout, so don't forget to check is out later!

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
20 October 2006, 1444 (GMT +3).

Making long story real short

- Two new tracks from GG OST
- New fanart submission (I've got it like three months ago actually:\) by Soulbeer the Old Miller
- GG cards scans by Teyah
- Guilty Gear Complete Bible scans by zer0kage
- Accent Core added to GG releases list :=)
- MANY additions and changes in our Gallery are coming real soon!
Thanks to everybody who has been sending us sibmissions and providing us with rare scans! Special thanks to Nekich, who's been of great help with Gallery and bugging me to do something with this site :=)

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
23 September 2006, 0123 (GMT +3).

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